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Alice Feiring is coming to town. If you don’t know who Alice Feiring is, then you should google her. But you probably know who she is, and you’re thinking, “Shit, this is fucking awesome. Alice is coming to town?!”

We are doing a special Saturday tasting. Alice has chosen five wines from some of her favorite importers: José Pastor, Selection Massale, and Percy Selections. So we are pouring an Alice-curated-super-line-up from 2 to 5pm. The cost is $15. If you sign up for her incomparable newsletter, then we waive the tasting fee.

We are pouring these wines:

Tripoz Fleur d’Aligoté
Jean-Pierre Rietsch Quand le chat n’est pas là
Vinos-Ambiz “white wine from the future”
Christian Ducroux Expectatia (Augustinian “red” wine)
Goyo Garcia Cobrero

Can’t get much better than that! Five zero-zero beauties that will make you feel great!

Then later on that night, starting at 8pm, we are hosting a pizza party, courtesy of Boot & Shoe service, who will be slinging pies at Ordinaire, and José and I are making some sides. Whatever. $65 gets you pizza, wine, and a year-subscription to the newsletter. And just say you don’t want the newsletter, then it costs you just $35. José, Cory and I will be working the bar, so you can imagine that it will be a little bit more fun than over-paying for a Negroni and looking at your new iPhone.

If you want to come to dinner, you need to RSVP. Send an email to