Bar Cortijo at Ordinaire

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santi mendall

Tuesday, July 4th, Noon-

There is no place like Bar Cortijo. Santi and his brother Luis are the guardians of a dream that becomes reality everyday from 9am to 3pm, when they welcome the working class of Tarragona—and, increasingly, an international congregation of natural wine lovers—into their sanctuary of irrational generosity. Stepping down into their cool, stone-lined dining room and accepting an ice-cold glass of Mendall is a sacred invocation, a preamble to a service irrecuperable by any external economy. Those seeking unicorn wines and deep cellars can slake their thirst in Barcelona, Paris and New York. Those seeking true nourishment will find it at Bar Cortijo, and leave with their faith restored in natural wine’s ability to affirm a profound sense of our shared humanity, our connectedness to nature, and our deepest desires for a better world.

On July 4th, Santi will be cooking food and holding court at Ordinaire. I have never been more excited about an event. It’s an excitement matched by anxiety, because I know that Santi’s spot in Tarragona cannot be reproduced. But we’ll try our best. And we hope that you’ll do your part as well.

In the spirit of Catalunya, we will serve food starting at noon until we sell out. The menu will not be set until the day of the event, but will likely include Cortijo classics: pig’s ear tossed in pesto, broiled prawns, squid rice, braised tripe, ribs crusted in Provençal herbs, cold beef tongue salad, pan fried mackerel, etc. Wine service will be à la Cortijo as well. We will choose the wines for you. Lots of big bottles from Catalunya and the Roussillon. We’ll make sure you have fun.

And, yes, the date is July 4th. Not an arbitrary choice. Come celebrate Independence. The Independence of July 4th, 1776, the future Independence of Catalunya, and the ongoing struggle for Independence that takes place in the fields and cellars of natural winemakers around the world.

See you there.