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santi mendall

Bar Cortijo at Ordinaire

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Tuesday, July 4th, Noon-

There is no place like Bar Cortijo. Santi and his brother Luis are the guardians of a dream that becomes reality everyday from 9am to 3pm, when they welcome the working class of Tarragona—and, increasingly, an international congregation of natural wine lovers—into their sanctuary of irrational generosity. Stepping down into their cool, stone-lined dining room and accepting an ice-cold glass of Mendall is a sacred invocation, a preamble to a service irrecuperable by any external economy. Those seeking unicorn wines and deep cellars can slake their thirst in Barcelona, Paris and New York. Those seeking true nourishment will find it at Bar Cortijo, and leave with their faith restored in natural wine’s ability to affirm a profound sense of our shared humanity, our connectedness to nature, and our deepest desires for a better world.

On July 4th, Santi will be cooking food and holding court at Ordinaire. I have never been more excited about an event. It’s an excitement matched by anxiety, because I know that Santi’s spot in Tarragona cannot be reproduced. But we’ll try our best. And we hope that you’ll do your part as well.

In the spirit of Catalunya, we will serve food starting at noon until we sell out. The menu will not be set until the day of the event, but will likely include Cortijo classics: pig’s ear tossed in pesto, broiled prawns, squid rice, braised tripe, ribs crusted in Provençal herbs, cold beef tongue salad, pan fried mackerel, etc. Wine service will be à la Cortijo as well. We will choose the wines for you. Lots of big bottles from Catalunya and the Roussillon. We’ll make sure you have fun.

And, yes, the date is July 4th. Not an arbitrary choice. Come celebrate Independence. The Independence of July 4th, 1776, the future Independence of Catalunya, and the ongoing struggle for Independence that takes place in the fields and cellars of natural winemakers around the world.

See you there.


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Kosuke Bistro X

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Monday, June 19th, 6pm-close

$39 for three courses

I was in Paris the past few days, hopping around all the usual spots, and every chef I ran into asked me about Kosuke Bistro. And I told them what I thought: He’s cooking some of the most delicious and inventive food in the Bay, and people can experience three courses for less than $40. And drink wine at retail markups. It’s pretty sweet.

beef tartare, pickled egg, jicama, smoked chile
grilled albacore, roasted piquillos, orange
peach, beer sorbet, basil


Reservations are strongly encouraged. Please email (preferred) or call 510/629-3944.

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Memorial Day BBQ

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Sunday & Monday
May 28-29

Switching up bistro this week. Instead of our normal prix-fixe menu, Kosuke is going to cook six or eight tapas à la carte. It will be casual enough for a light snack, but with enough options to count as lunch or dinner. If you haven’t had the chance to sit down for a proper bistro, this is a great time to sample Kosuke’s food…and to slam some rosé while you’re at it.

All dishes will be between $5 and $15.

Terrine de campagne

Egg, cold pork dashi, peas, dill oil

Miyagi oyster grill, roasted sesame oil, citrus, celery

Sea bass tartare, avocado, green apple, horseradish

Grilled asparagus, spiced brown butter

Prawn, pimenton de verra, mayonnaise

Marinated and grilled skirt steak, spinach

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Kosuke Bistro continues every Monday from 6pm-close. While we highly encourage reserving in advance, walk-ins are also welcome. And the shop & bar are still open for general shopping, snacking and drinking.

The menu for May 22nd is $39 for three courses.

mussels / crispy pork trotters / blueberry
full tilt farm chicken / lemongrass / cucumber / brown butter foam
cherry / rose / acacia honey

Reservations are strongly encouraged. Please reply to this email (preferred) or call 510/629-3944.



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The menu for May 15th is $39 for three courses.

marinated snapper / chamomile / kiwi
lamb breast / cherry / hibiscus
avocado ice cream / strawberry / dill

no substitutions or share plates

Reservations are strongly encouraged. Email or call 510/629-3944.



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The menu for May 8th is $44 for three courses.

Poached oysters / burnt onion jus / ginger foam
Quail farci / mushrooms / sorrel butter
Strawberry / white chocolate / smoked buttermilk

no substitutions or share plates

Reservations are strongly encouraged. Please email or call 510/629-3944.


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Here is the menu for Kosuke’s second bistro. The price is $36.
No choices, no substitutions, and no sharing.

Cauliflower, almond milk, cranberry, ginger
Pork, beetroot, grapefruit, elderflower
Yogourt mousse, cardamom, mango

Seats are limited. Last week we were fully booked and unable to take walk-ins. So reserve early. The food is very, very good.


max pistou

Mason-Pacific Preview Bistro w/ Chef Max Mackinnon

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Thursday & Friday (6/16-6/17), 6-close

Mason-Pacific is a little neighborhood place perched up on Russian Hill. The honest food and deep list of Burgundy has made it an infamous late night hangout for the entire San Francisco wine industry. Back in February, they recruited Max from Burlington, Vermont, where he earned a James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant while running the kitchen at Pistou. But before Max could get started, there was a fire in the kitchen, and Max has been plotting menus for their July re-opening ever since. Lucky for us, Max digs natty wine, and asked if he could try out some ideas at a pop-up bistro. He will be cooking this Thursday and Friday. Change your plans and join us. Below is the menu:

Chicken Liver   $10
onion, raspberry

Carrots   $11
mussel, curry, basil

Endive   $9
walnut, sourdough, caesar

Beef Tartare   $15
scallion, mustard, egg yolk

Poached Trout   $21
cabbage, horseradish

Braised Lamb   $23
eggplant, onion


QUAIL BISTRO, 2/19, 6-10pm

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Tim Edmonds is a chef who lives in Pescadero. He’s planning to open his own place this year (keep your eyes peeled!), but in the meantime, he’s been doing a bunch of catering projects and raising some quail on his property. Yes, that’s right, he raises quail. He hatches the eggs, raises the chicks, lets them eat the grass, and then plucks their feathers and cooks them. He also has a big garden where he grows most of the produce for his catering projects. Funny thing is that he doesn’t seem to realize how awesome this is. He’s just raising quail. Whatever.
Tim will be cooking this Friday at Ordinaire. He’s carting up the birds and vegetables in the morning and then cooking from 6pm until we sell out. Menu will look something like this, but it depends on what’s fresh that morning.
beet poke
chickpea panisse, fava leaf pesto
crispy brussel sprouts, bacon jam, goat cheese
grilled quail, cabbage salad
fried quail, polenta, spicy greens
Reservations available for parties of five or more. Otherwise just walk in, bring some friends, grab a bottle, and have some fun.