Clos Saron Tasting

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I talk about Clos Saron a lot, so I’ll keep this short. Gideon Beinstock makes wine in the Sierra Foothills. He is committed to making natural wines with no corrections or make-up. Wines very simply made: hand-picked, foot-stomped, moved to old oak barrels, and then bottled. They are the most compelling wines being made in California. Today we offer a small cross section of Gideon’s work. His wines are not cheap, but they are worth it. Made in ultra-small quantities, they are unique expressions of California mountain terroir.

$10 for the tasting

2014 Tickled Pink Rosé $35
Our Tickled Pink is a light rosé made from early harvested Syrah and various other red and white varieties. Starting with 2013, the rosé ferments on some white skins/stems and is barrel aged for 12-18 months before bottling.

2014 The Pleasant Peasant $35
A new addition to our family of wines.  Fruit sourced from own-rooted vines planted in 1900 in Lodi. You may think of it as a distant relative of our “Blue Series” (Old-vine Cinsault based wines), having been planted by the same family as that vineyard… A fun wine, with a serious side.

2013 Home Vineyard Pinot Noir $60
Our “Home Vineyard” is north-east facing, at 1530-1600 ft altitude. Overall, the top soil is alluvial clay-loam on volcanic ash, fractured granite, and quartz sub layers. Own-rooted vines, comprising about a dozen known and unknown clones, were densely planted (3’x6′). The vineyard is farmed with zero chemicals and minimal irrigation. Fertilization is provided by grazing livestock animals (sheep, geese, and chickens), supplemented with additional organic compost.

2012 Stone Soup Syrah $60
2009 announced the first vintage of our Stone Soup Syrah. At about 2000ft. altitude, this vineyard is located about one mile up the hill from our home, on our friends John and Ellen Trezevant’s property. This Syrah’s expression is strongly individual: lighter than most in body and alcohol, it has very deep color, vibrant acidity, and fresh aromas. This 2-acre site is a textbook Syrah vineyard: south-facing, steep, extremely rocky, granitic, well drained. The challenge here is getting the vines established in this extreme low-vigor, arid hot-spot, but the early results are highly promising. About 10% of the vineyard is planted Viognier, which has been co-fermented with the Syrah starting with the 2013 vintage.

If you would like to purchase any wines, but are unable to make the tasting, just send me an email at We are happy to take an order over the phone. We also ship all over the United States.