fifi contrast

Fifi has only been importing wines for a few years, but he is already a legend. How do I know he’s a legend? Because I don’t even know his last name. I don’t even know if Fifi is his real name. He’s the Madonna of wine. He used to run The Ten Bells, a wine bar in New York that introduced natural wine to the United States. Now he imports wines from the producers he met while living and traveling in France over the course of his entire life. Did I mention he’s French? Legend! When I visited him in his small Crown Heights cave last year, he opened 16 bottles for me to taste, and then sent me home with all the open bottles. Legend! Right now his wines only come to California two or three time per year, crawling cross-country in the most highly anticipated refrigerated containers of the season. A new one just landed! And Fifi is in town. And this Saturday we are hosting him for a tasting from 1-4pm. We will pour some wines you’ve seen on Instagram (Métras, Anglore, etc.) and some other wines that just don’t give a fuck (Allion, Foulards Rouges, etc.). $10 for five or six wines. Ciao.