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We’ve been open for four years. And this last year has been significant for a number of reasons: an amazing new bistro, the Second Brumaire, lots of buzz about natural wine in the press, etc… But for me, it’s been marked by my separation from the shop. As many of you know, I’ve been in Chicago for the last year, raising my kids, working on my dissertation, and doing whatever I can to be involved with Ordinaire. I miss it like hell and think about it two to three times a minute.

I come back as much as I can, and still work a bit behind the bar. After multiple customers asking me if I was filling in for Alex or Diego, I’ve realized that I no longer own Ordinaire in the way I used to. I cried the first time I realized this. Ordinaire no longer reflects my individual vision. And in fact, it never has. Being away has made me realize that it has always been a little bit me, a little bit Quinn, a little bit Josh, a little bit Keven, a little bit Wolfgang…the list goes on.

And now that’s just truer than ever. Over the past year, Quentin, Diego, Alex, Kara (and now Kate!) have made Ordinaire into something that exceeds whatever I could have imagined.

Kara, disarmingly smart and passionate, her presence behind the bar has brought a new energy and irreverence to the natty wine scene. Alex, so confidently observant and precise that his frequent bursts of insight catch you off guard like a trout rising for a mayfly. Diego manages to combine the shop’s idealistic mission with an intelligent, unpretentious and down-to-earth vibe I wish I could pull off. And Quentin. Well Quentin is just always fucking on, 100%, and I don’t know anyone like him.

Together, they are the best staff working in wine. The fourth anniversary is all about them. We will pour wild wines, Diego will cook a big Spanish rice, Kosuke might throw down in the kitchen, and there will be music and surprises. Let’s imagine better futures together. I’ll be filling in for Alex.