Hervé Villemade: 20 February, 1-4pm

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villemade in his vines
We deeply believe in every wine that we sell. But each for different reasons. Often our favorite wines are confusing, mercurial, recalcitrant, cerebral, fragile, or ephemeral. Robinot comes to mind. Philippe Jambon, of course, and many others. We love these wines not in spite of these eccentricities, but because of them. But we also have wines that are downright dependably delicious every single time: wines that are soulful, well-structured and immediately satisfying. Julien Guillot comes to mind, as does Thierry Puzelat. And Hervé fits into this second category. His wines are well-priced and always good: bright, fruity, complex and refreshing. They are benchmark natural wines that always have a place in the shop.
His family has been making wine in Cheverny for generations. In the nineties, after farming conventionally for a few years, he decided to start converting to organics, and after tasting the results, he never turned back. He works with Gamay, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Cot, Pinot Noir, Menu Pineau and Romorantin. He has a deft touch in the cellar, preferring large, neutral fermentation vessels and very small amounts of sulfur. He also hunts, and makes terrine out of the animals he shoots.

This Saturday, Hervé will visit the shop and pour six of his wines, including a back vintage of Romorantin just so you can get a sense of this grape’s unique evolution.

1-4pm. $10.

2014 Villemade Cheverny Blanc $18
2012 Villemade Cheverny Blanc Les Bodices $26
2014 Villemade Cheverny Rouge $18
2012 Villemade Cheverny Rouge Les Ardilles $25
2014 Villemade Cour-Cheverny Acacias $37
2008 Villemade Cour-Cheverny Petit Acacia $40

If you can’t make the tasting but would like to purchase the wines, reply to this email. We’ll try to figure something out.