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Tasting Saturday, November 12th, 1-4pm

$10 for five wines

For me, the beauty of natural wine from the South of France is its diversity; the pastiche of forgotten and underrated grape varieties, the swaths of cheap land, and the acceptance of winemaking “heresy” make it the perfect place for experimentation. In 2008, Anthony Tortul set out to tell the story of the Languedoc-Roussillon in his own words, through La Sorga. Deep exploration of the native grapes of the region led his project zig-zagging back and forth throughout the region, searching for interesting vines. He now works with nine different vineyards. Old vines, biodynamics, nothing added, nothing taken away. With whimsical cuvée names and wildly illustrated labels, the bottles are instantly recognizable. Stacked with generous, complex fruit and minerality, these are wines with distinct swagger. Come by the shop tomorrow, as our friend (and masterful bread-baker) Tess joins us to pour through five of Tortul’s thought-provoking creations. -QKW