Partida Creus: Saturday Tasting 1-4pm

By October 28, 2015 Tasting No Comments

Before we talk about the amazing wines we’ll be pouring, I first want to say that local wine celebrity Colin Peter Casey (aka D.J. CPC) will be spinning vinyl on Saturday afternoon, and we’ll be passing out candy to anyone wearing a costume. So come for the wines and stay for the fresh beats.

Ok, the wines…

On our recent trip to Spain and the south of France, the wines of Partida Creus were inescapable to the point of comedy. At every cave, wine bar or restaurant where we gave the servers carte blanche, the wines would hit the table again and again. At first we asked ourselves whether or not it was a hoax. No way these wines could be from Catalunya. Why are they everywhere? Just a flash in the pan trend maybe? But once we stopped thinking about it so hard, I noticed that we were drinking the wines. Fast. I reached a point where my parched and road-worn palate found few wines to be more agreeable. I was repeatedly mesmerized by the the snowy-white opacity of the whites and the electric coral-colored reds.  Fresh, thirst-quenching, and exuberant. We guzzled Partida Creus with friends old and new, and the recurring conversation always brought everyone a little closer.

Massimo Marchiori and Antonella Gerona are an Italian couple from Piedmont who moved to Barcelona to work in architecture. In 2000, they bailed on the big-city lifestyle and found themselves a little piece of land in the Baix Penedes. A growing interest in farming led them into viticulture, which developed into a preservation endeavor that focuses on recovering ancient grape varieties that are native to the Massis de Bonastre, where they live and work. They search the area for unique and abandoned vines in hopes of farming them back into fruit-yielding health, virtuous work opposite the monolithic face of Spanish industrial viticulture. All wines are fermented with natural yeasts, and no SO2 is added at any point in the winemaking. -Quinn Kimsey-White

2014 Vinel.lo Blanco: A rustic but elegant field blend of Garnatxa Blanco, Macabeu, Moscatell, Panse, Parellada, Vinyater, and Xarello. A whisper of barnyard funk gives way to fields of little white flowers, lavender, cannabis, and honey dipped exotic fruit.

2014 Vinel.lo Tinto: Another patchwork of native Catalan Varieties: Garnatxa, Garrut, Sumoll, Trepat, Queixal de Llop, Samsó, and Ull de Perdiu. Separate whole cluster macerations in tank with various times on their skins, ranging from 20 hours to 3 days. Bright and herbal, with iridescent red fruit and wet earth, supported by a rigid mineral backbone.

2012 Sumoll: Dense and sappy, with grippy black fruit and flowering herbs. The most layered and serious of the line-up.

We’re very excited to have these wines in the shop, and supplies are currently limited, so come out and drink them with us! And if you can’t make it this weekend or don’t live in the Bay Area, we now ship throughout the USA. Hit us up. Reply to this email or email