events-2The space is available for private parties. In lieu of a rental fee, we require minimum purchases.

The upstairs mezzanine can be rented for the evening. The regular rate is $350 for Sunday-Monday (5-10pm), and $500 for Friday and Saturday (5-10pm). It can accommodate roughly 15 people sitting down, and 22 people standing. The prices may vary if we are hosting a pop-up dinner or other special event. Afternoon rentals are also possible. If you are hosting a book club, poetry reading or some other event the nature of which will promote the public good, I’m happy to discuss special pricing.

The entire space may also be rented. Price vary from $2000 to $5000 depending on the time of year and day of the week. Again, this price is a minimum purchase.

In addition to our normal cheese and charcuterie offerings, we also allow catering. However, the cost of outside catering does not build towards the minimum.

We also allow live music and custom playlists, but only for rentals of the entire space. We do not allow different music in the mezzanine.

The make an inquiry, please email


Kitchen In Season_OrdinaireKitchen In Season_OrdinaireIMG_7002 2015-05-12 21 28 45 2015-05-12 21 28 45We are happy to help you choose wines for your private event, whether it’s a backyard BBQ or a wedding for 500 people. The best way to start a conversation
, is to just swing by the shop and let us known what you are looking for. We can pour you a flight and of potential wines and go from there. We also offer delivery services.

For more information, please email