QUAIL BISTRO, 2/19, 6-10pm

By February 18, 2016 Bistro No Comments
Tim Edmonds is a chef who lives in Pescadero. He’s planning to open his own place this year (keep your eyes peeled!), but in the meantime, he’s been doing a bunch of catering projects and raising some quail on his property. Yes, that’s right, he raises quail. He hatches the eggs, raises the chicks, lets them eat the grass, and then plucks their feathers and cooks them. He also has a big garden where he grows most of the produce for his catering projects. Funny thing is that he doesn’t seem to realize how awesome this is. He’s just raising quail. Whatever.
Tim will be cooking this Friday at Ordinaire. He’s carting up the birds and vegetables in the morning and then cooking from 6pm until we sell out. Menu will look something like this, but it depends on what’s fresh that morning.
beet poke
chickpea panisse, fava leaf pesto
crispy brussel sprouts, bacon jam, goat cheese
grilled quail, cabbage salad
fried quail, polenta, spicy greens
Reservations available for parties of five or more. Otherwise just walk in, bring some friends, grab a bottle, and have some fun.