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Saturday, March 25th, 1-4pm
$15 for six wines
Fee waived with $100 purchase

Every single time I hear about Dominique Belluard people are talking about this weird grape he works with, and about how it’s all done in concrete eggs. Here’s a link to the importer’s website, where you can find all that info. It is sort of interesting, but it’s not what makes the wines compelling.

Here’s why I like the wines:

The wines of Dominique Belluard exist in two worlds.  On the one hand, they are at home with the natural wines that line our shelves: perfect farming, native yeast and little to no sulfur result in wines that are alive with fresh aromatics and nervy snap. And on the other hand, they share the structure, length and mineral core of classical white wines from Chablis and Alsace. They somehow satisfy both cravings at once: both natty and classic. They are mesmerizing wines that never cease to amaze me, year after year, even as prices continue to rise with demand. The 2015s wonderfully carry the warmth of the vintage: they are broad, waxy and complex. Not to be missed. On Saturday we will taste all six wines. Fee waived with $100 purchase.


2013 Mont Blanc Sparkling Wine $44
2015 Pur Jus 100% Gringet $55
2015 Les Alpes Gringet $39
2015 Le Feu Gringet $52
2015 Grandes Jorasses Altesse $42
2015 Mondeuse $55