Saturday Tasting: CLOS SARON

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Saturday, December 16th, 1-4pm

Before there was Ordinaire, there was a dinner in Gideon Bienstock’s cellar, way up in the middle of nowhere along the Yuba. Nicole and I ate braised rabbit and époisse, and drank Syrah and Pinot Noir from Gideon’s personal stash. To say it was formative would be an understatement. Gideon’s wines have always been the most important wines in California for me. They combine the ethics and practices of natural wine with the firm stylistic convictions of a true auteur, unfazed by trends or market demands. From the beginning, we have carried all of Gideon’s wines, and have been fortunate to share them with many of you. This Saturday, we are thrilled to welcome him to the shop for a rare tasting. They are perfect wines for winter: dark, spicy, uplifting and grounding all at once. We will pour six wines for $15. As always, the fee is waived with a $100 purchase.

Carte Blanche 2015 $40
Texas Hill Road Pinot Noir 2011 $65
Old Man Reserve Syrah 2006 $75
Clos Saron Stone Soup 2012 $75
The Pleasant Peasant 2015 $40
Kind of Blue 2013 $40