Saturday Tasting: Domaine Les Bottes Rouges

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jean baptiste bottes rouges

Saturday, June 17th, 1-4pm

$10 for six wines

Why is it that natural wine’s most beloved region in France is also the smallest and most obscure? We could chalk it up to bad luck or try to analyze and compare flavor profiles, but I suspect that there’s something about the Jura’s extreme marginality that is alluring in of itself. There’s lots of talk these days about how natural wine has finally made it to the big time, been accepted by the wine press, and can be found in airports and at Bevmo. That’s all fine, but there’s something important about clinging to the marginal, and celebrating the tiny, that natural wine culture should never disavow or take for granted.

Jean-Baptiste Menigoz worked with special needs children for ten years in Arbois, while simultaneously become obsessed with natural wines. He slowly acquired more and more vines, and with the help of his wife Jacqueline, and his good friend Florien, now organically farms close to 7 hectares of vines. Always experimenting, Jean-Baptiste makes a dizzying array of wines, ranging from broad and waxy Savangin, to delicately perfumed and seductive Poulsard.

Our buddies at Selection Massale are importing them for the first time. Saturday will be the debut tasting in the United States. We can hardly wait.

Pepee Pinot Noir ’13 $38
Jose Trousseau ’14 $38
Tou ou Tard Ploussard ’15 $36
Sky my Husband ’15 $44
No Milk Today  (Savagnin) ’16 $50
Leon Chardo ’15 $35