Saturday Tasting: François Saint-Lô

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Saturday, May 27th, 1-4pm

$10 for five wines

It was an idyllic night. We grilled Côte-du-Boeuf and feasted on a huge farm table that stretched the length of an old granite cellar, warmed by the conviviality close friends. Quentin in full sommelier mode, vying for command of the floor with Philippe; Quinn softly grinning and swirling; Matt discoursing on the relative merits of the Turnpike and the A6; Josh insisting people sit down and eat like humans.

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The night was getting on, and sensing the impending stupor, Quentin boxed out Philippe’s bottle of old Ganivets and splashed around a big bottle of turbid, rose-hued nectar. It brought the table to silence, just briefly, before an eruption of laudations and conjectures woke the room. We remembered the duck breasts and a second dinner began in earnest.

It was François Saint-Lô’s Grolleau. One of the most vivid and uplifting wines I’ve ever tasted. It reminded me why the Loire Valley made me fell in love with wine.

This Saturday we are pouring five new wines from François, including his new Grolleau. We’ve been waiting a long time for this vintage to arrive. There is very little. And it rocks.