Saturday Tasting: Frank Cornelissen

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Saturday, March 31st, 1-4pm
$20 for six wines (waived with $100 purchase)

I randomly visited Frank Cornelissen before I even knew what natural wine was. Nicole and I were in Sicily for a friend’s wedding and I just called him up and he said to come by. We toured the vines, checked out his winery, and drank a dizzyingly rich and complex bottle of red while eating pizza at a tiny restaurant. It was my first real visit with a winemaker, and I’ll never forget it.

At that time, Frank was a fringe figure making controversial wines in a region no one cared about. He is now the closest thing to a superstar that the natural wine word has.

I had the chance to hang out with Frank over Brumaire weekend and was delighted to find him as engaging, sincere and ambitious as ever. With success, he has also grown increasingly self-critical, presenting his wines the way a student might present a poem at a workshop: asking questions, tentatively justifying his choices, presenting new plans for the next vintage.

It’s now quite difficult to get Frank’s wines. For this reason, we wanted to do a public tasting so that a lot of you could taste them. Like the greatest natural wines, they defy any reference point, and seem to live in a self-generated world. Come explore it with us.

$20 to taste six wines
fee waived with $100 purchase
all wines very limited

Contadino 2016 $32
Munjebel Rosso 2016 $50
Munjebel CR 2015 $74
Munjebel FM 2015 $74
Munjebel CS 2015 $74
Munjebel VA 2015 $74