Saturday Tasting: Laura Bissell of Inconnu


Saturday, June 24th, 1-4pm

$10 for 6 wines

Laura Bissell has been a steady fixture in the Bay Area wine scene for longer than I can recall. She was one of the first customers to come through the door after we opened, and she frequently passes through with roving packs of industry folks, thirsty for Champagne and tinned fish. Like the best wine professionals, she values the community that forms around wine more than wine itself.

This Saturday, Laura will be pouring her brand new line up of wines at the shop. They are rich, sun-kissed wines, perfect for a California summer. And, to my delight, they are exceedingly well-priced for the quality–designed for sharing, gifting, and drinking in larger than normal quantities.

Lalalu Rosé $24
Lalalu Cab Franc $25
Chardonnay $23
Pinot Gris $23
Kitsune $29
+ Special Wine from Laura’s Cellar

$10. fee waived with $100 purchase