Saturday Tasting: Vinca Minor

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July 15th, 1-4pm
$10 for 5+ wines

Jason Edward Charles arrived at winemaking through a circuitous route, bouncing around Latin America and Europe taking photos, then waiting tables in New York, and then staging here and there before finding a place to put down roots—literally. For him, planting vines means linking one’s identity to a fixed place, establishing permanence and structure.

The wines balance these two poles: they have a lively, restless personality which expresses itself in spritely acidity and zesty aromas; but they also contain a certain sinew and complexity derived from the extremely old vines Jason has decided to work with. The wines seem to be engaged in an internal dialogue between young and old, mobility and stasis.

He’s committed to working naturally: sourcing organic fruit, fermenting with wild yeasts, never filtering or fining, and only using small amounts of sulfur. This Saturday, we taste his three new releases alongside two back vintages of his Mendocino Carignan. Come say hi and taste the goods. Saturday 1-4pm. $10.

16′ Sonoma Valley Chardonnay
16′ Carignan Rose
16′ Mendocino Carignan
15′ Mendocino Carignan
14′ Mendocino Carignan