Champagne is a funny thing. As a region, it has suffered from a branding crisis, with a few big corporations owning the largest houses, spending more money on marketing than on winemaking. They buy up large amounts of over-cropped, under-ripe fruit and then doctor up the wine by adding excessive amounts of sugar to the final product. And then they charge you $45 or $60 for a wine that cost them only a few dollars to make. On the other side of the spectrum, you have producers that are obsessively committed to quality, working in a naturally harsh climate to make tiny amounts of wine that can transcend just about any other thing you put in your mouth. These wines combine laser precision with complex fruit and gorgeous texture. And yet, despite all that gravity, it's champagne after all, inextricably tied to celebration and excess. The best wines are both intellectually compelling and irresistibly joyful.

For this reason, we always carry an inordinate amount of Champagne, especially for such a small shop. Honestly, we don't sell very much of it. Most customers come in looking for everyday wine, which is what the shop is all about. But I can't tell you how many times, late in the evening, when everyone is tired and ready to go home, someone opens up the cold fridge and pulls out a bottle of champagne to share with friends and strangers. It re-energizes conversation, lifts the spirits, and makes the evening unforgettable.

This month, we devote all of our tastings to Champagne. It's a chance for you to familiarize yourself with the next generation of farmers and winemakers that are bringing this region back to authentic greatness.


December 12th 1-4pm: Emmanuel Brochet, Marie Courtin, Vincent Couche, Thomas Perseval

December 17th 6-10pm: Manu Lassaigne, Ulysse Collin, André Beaufort, Tarlant

December 19th 1-4pm: Pascal Agrapart, Demarne-Frison, Georges Laval, Laherte Frères

December 26th 1-4pm: Non-Champagne Bubbles from Belluard, Potaire, Jousset, Robinot, etc...