Saturday, January 28th, 1-4pm, $10

Niccolo Coturri, or "Nic," of Sonoma Mountain Winery is the son of the California natural wine legend Tony Coturri and Nephew of renowned Organic and Biodynamic viticulturist Phil Coturri. But don't let this overdetermine your view of him. His wines are independently beautiful: truly some of the best natural wines coming of California.

But you wont find his wines or winery in any Sonoma guides. He works on a tiny scale out of a rented space and the well-patinated front seat of his Jeep Wrangler. He works exclusively with organic vineyards and actively works with the growers to produce impressive fruit. His wines are full of California sunshine, but not overripe or out of balance. He depends on native ferments and no additives of any kind.

We met Nic at a nondescript gate of a backyard winery in Sonoma. Walking into the barn-turned-winery-tasting-room, we were expecting a formal tasting with Nic behind the bar. Pleasantly surprised, we were led into the winery space and to a hand built tool bench all covered in hoses and gaskets and clamps, etc.

He pointed out the small scattering of barrels that belonged to him, and the very few pieces of equipment he used. Then clearing the space off a bit he pulled out 9 wines. I cant say I remember the vintage and variety of each wine, but they were all pure and captivating! In particular the 2011 Zinfandel with its rich figy fruit and bracing spice and acid that became a staple of every winter camping trip I took this year. Then the 2013 “Char’Mer,” a co-ferment of chardonnay and merlot with the fruit concentration and aromatics of a red and life and drive of a white. Nic told us this was the harvest beverage of choice for each of his picks saying his friends would yell “Char’mer’ica” in the vineyards. And lastly a wildly ripe and aromatic chardonnay like nothing I have tasted from California. Aromatics of tropical fruit with a densely structured palate with surprising acid and length.


Nic will be pouring five or six wines on Saturday, January 28th, from 1-4pm. $10 for the tasting.