"Pique Nique Ordinaire" at Camino

"Pique Nique Ordinaire" at Camino

SUNDAY JULY 31st, 5pm


They are limited and required! 

Allison, Russ and I all agree that wine dinners suck. Here’s how they work:

Sit down. Wait too long for first course. First course is fucking small! Get first glass of wine. 1oz! Gone in 8 seconds. Next course comes. Is that risotto? Again? Wait 15 minutes for 1 oz of next wine. Winemaker gives boring speech about the kinds of barrels he uses. You pay too much. Then go eat a Kronner Burger because you are still hungry.

Here’s how Pique-Nique Ordinaire works:

You arrive and Quinn, Quentin and I pour you a big glass of the freshest sparkling rosé you’ve ever tasted. Say you finish a glass. We pour you another one. You meander around the restaurant eating delicious snacks, then sit down and eat some more. We pour you another round of rosé. Then you eat more. And we pour you another round of rosé. Oh wait, there’s more food? Yea. Eat some more. And drink more too. You pay $75 (tip included) and you are stuffed and probably pretty drunk too.

The best food from the best restaurant and tons of rosé to wash it down. It’s the picnic of the year. And it’s at Camino. Buy tickets here. Also, if you sign up for the wine club, you get $5 off.