Saturday, July 9th, 1-4pm

six wines for $10

Earlier this year Noel Diaz poured his eclectic brood of PURITY WINES at the Brumaire Wine Fair. He was tucked in just behind the staircase, and despite being one of the smallest and newest producers, he was inundated with tasters from start to finish. He had brought a huge, glass tear-drop carboy full of a hazy elixir that shimmered a deep, irresistible gold. Smiling his broad smile, he was rapidly pulling samples from what was his entire production of a skin-fermented white wine. It smelled of coriander, white flower and ripe summer peaches, with a grippy texture that reminded me of wines from the South of Italy. It was a memorable wine that appealed to all of the senses. Then there was his rosé—earthy, minerally, and viscous all at once—which I came back to again and again to wash down my tacos, and a smattering of delightful oddities (Marsanne pet-nat!), each with something unique to say.


I had tasted Noel’s wines at various times in the preceding months, but it was at Brumaire that I finally woke up. Noel is making some of the coolest wines in California: rich, expressive, transparent and full of soul.


After the fair, Noel sent me the best thank you note, which concluded: “Let the revolution grow and foster on sustenance like those righteous tacos…a little at a time, we will rise above the tyranny of industrialized crap.” Come by on Saturday and taste the revolution. Noel makes very little wine (8 cases of this, 10 cases of that), and it is very well-priced ($18-$24), so come early. We will taste six wines.

Barbera Pinot Gris Grenache Rosé Syrah Roussanne Marsanne