Saturday Tasting: Brendan Tracey

Saturday Tasting: Brendan Tracey

Saturday, March 17th, 1-4pm $10 for six wines (fee waived with $100 purchase)

Inspired by the fuck-all/do-anything attitude of California punk in the late 1970’s, Brendan Tracey, a New Jersey native who’d attended high school in France, moved from San Francisco to Paris where he helped launch a local FM station in 1981. After years of working as a Disc-Jockey, Program Director and finally News Reporter and Presenter, Brendan abandoned his career of 27-years, to study winemaking at the Lycée Viticole in Amboise. As chance would have it, he fell into cahoots with Thierry Puzelat, a natural wine pioneer in nearby Cheverny. Brendan works exclusively with organic fruit, employs native yeasts, and rarely if ever adds sulfur to his wines. “Each year,” he writes, “each variety, terroir and climatic situation imposes decisions on the way grapes are grown, harvested and fermented.”

His reds are among the most juicy and thirst-quenching wines made in France. His whites are intriguing and complex, combining a deep, exotic quality with rambunctious acidity.

Brendan Tracey "Outsider" Brut Rose 2015 - $30 

Brendan Tracey "Oro Verde" Orbois 2015 - $33 

Brendan Tracey Chenin Blanc 2015 - $33

Brendan Tracey "Gorge Sèche" VDF 2015 - $26 

Brendan Tracey "Pour Une Poignée de Bouteilles" 2015 - $27