Saturday Tasting: Jérôme Guichard

Saturday Tasting: Jérôme Guichard

Saturday, January 13th, 1-4pm $10 for six wines, waived with $100 purchase

Jérôme crafts rich, exuberant, and cellar-worthy white wines from his small patch of vines in a limestone-rich corner of Southeast Burgundy. His spectacular pet-nat notwithstanding, he has little interest in frivolous glou-glou natural winemaking. These are wines for the table, for drinkers with serious appetites. Like his friend Philippe Jambon, Jérôme aims to harness the development of volatile acidity over many years to give lift and complexity to his relatively opulent wines, a once common but long-forgotten style in Burgundy. His Gamays are fermented traditionally, with whole clusters and light pigéage, then racked into old barrels for a year or more. In keeping with the practices of his mentor, Guy Blanchard, Jérôme uses no synthetic treatments in the vineyard and no additives during the winemaking process.

Pet-Nat 2016 $29 Self-explanatory. Glug Glug.

Bouchat 2015 $29 Rich and opulent Chardonnay with a year of élevage, sourced from the eponymous parcel of vines in Montbellet. 

Rapillères 2016 $30 Chardonnay macerated for a month.

Perrières les Vieilles 2015 $49 Jérôme's oldest vines. Two years of élevage. This was the main patch of vines inherited from Guy Blanchard and sourced for Philippe Jambon's iconic chardonnays during 2006-2011.

Jus de Chaussette 2016 $29 Fresh and juicy Gamay for the kids.

Noir de Creuse Noire 2016 $49 Heavy duty old-vines Gamay. Valentines Day present for your “big red”-loving boyfriend.