Sunday Tasting: La Stoppa and Denavolo

Sunday Tasting: La Stoppa and Denavolo

Sunday, February 26, 4-7pm

$10 for 5 wines.

Giulio Armani, winemaker at both La Stoppa in Northwest Emilia Romagna and at his own estate, Denavolo, makes some of the most elegant skin-contact whites I’ve tasted to date. Simultaneously fresh and deep, these wines are entirely unique and once again show what mystic loveliness can be created when a winemaker embraces what the earth has provided for them. 


La Stoppa is a 50 hectare estate that was planted in the late 19th-century by a wealthy lawyer who took the opportunity of post-phylloxera replanting to plant, alongside the native Barbera and Bornada vines, some noble grape varieties, emulating Bordeaux and Burgundy. In 1996, Giulio Armani and owner Elena Pantaleoni decided to simplify, sticking to local grapes, replanting the entire estate with Barbera, Bornada, and a bit of Malvasia. Ranging from earthy, spritzy reds to deep, golden macerated whites, La Stoppa consistently produces benchmark natural wines that always grace our shelves.


Armani took a similar tack when starting Denavolo, located in the foothills of the Appenines. Already planted with 2 hectares of 32-year-old vines, he continued planting his own parcels of Malvasia di candia aromatica, Ortugo, Marsanne, Trebbiano, and a bit of Santa maria and Sauvignon blanc. It's exciting to see a winemaker with such a depth of experience figuring out new grapes planted on new soil. The first vintages have been gorgeous. You are so excited to have these new wines in the shop.

On Sunday afternoon we will be joined behind the bar by the importers of both La Stoppa and Denavolo, as well as Fanny Breuil, who has been working with and learning from Giulio for quite some time. We’ll be pouring five lively wines. $10. Stop by.