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Saturday April 21, 1-4pm
$10 for six wines (waived with $100 purchase)

This week we pour three wines each from two of our favorite producers in Italy: Cantina Giardino and Cà de Noci. The two estates aren’t geographically close, they work with totally different grapes, and the style of winemaking could not be more different. But I like to think they exist in the same astral plane, rubbing shoulders with 18th Century peasants slugging deep hazy reds made from mysterious family vines, that sprawling Neapolitan family of six speeding to the beach on a single Vespa, and some futuristic angel-headed hipsters thriving on fresh squeezed pomelo juice and raw mustard greens. In short, these two wineries make joyous, deeply satisfying natural wines that bridge past, present and future. They have a being-towards-the-future-which-understands, as Heidegger once described authentic ordinary life. Anyway, the wines are great. And our good friend Giovanni, who imports the wines, will be here slinging it all behind the bar. Come taste the interstellar rainbow.

Cantina Giardino Sophia $36
Cantina Giardino Tu Tu $41
Cantina Giardino Volpe Rosa $36

Ca de Noci Notte di Luna $33
Ca de Noci Querciole $24
Ca de Noci Sotto Bosco $24