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Saturday, January 20th, 1-4pm
$10 for six wines, waived with $100 purchase

We’re excited to introduce the wines of Pierre Danoy to the United States. Pierre runs a small farm in a mountainous region of the Roussillon—just next to his good friend, Tom Lubbe from Domaine Matassa, a perennial shop favorite. Pierre is a wholistic farmer with a broad range of beautiful products, which he hawks at the local farmers market. His figs, olive oil , fruit juices and solera-style vinegar are all highly sought after in the region. But recently, Pierre has increasingly focused on his role as winemaker. He works with Syrah, Grenache, Macabeu and Muscat, planted on a mix of granite and schist. The grapes are treated like his other produce: organically farmed by Pierre and harvested by hand. His cellar is in a garage off the back of his house, which is surrounded by the family farm. It contains 8 small stainless tanks—one tank per cuvée, many of which change every year. The wines are fermented naturally and never see additives or filtration.

Pierre is a farmer from the old school, more interested in diversifying his farm, expanding his holdings and hosting visitors for lazy dinners, than in carousing with the young guns of natty wine. But his wines are irrepressibly jubilant. Drink up.

Le péril jaune $20
Dry muscat from vines planted by Pierre’s father in the 70’s. The vineyard’s steep incline means it is worked entirely by hand. Serious labor of love.

Contre un arbre $20
Lightly macerated Grenache from younger vines. Pierre prefers this pretty, juicy style.

Marche ou crève $20
Grenache from a vineyard with heavier clay, blended with some Syrah. Slightly more dense and extracted, but still juicy and aromatic.

Nature $20
Syrah with a healthy dollop of Grenache, which gives this wine great aromatic lift. Only a few cases of this in the country.

This is the end $20
Late harvest muscat with some residual sugar. He macerated it for a few weeks to give it color and texture. Savage and gourmand.