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SATURDAY, September 23rd, 1-4pm
$10 for five wines
fee waived with $100 purchase

As recently as a two years ago I thought of Alsace as a curious but rather stultified region, comprised of byzantine grand cru vineyard sites, inscrutable labels, and conservative winemaking practices. But thanks to a wave of young producers—inspired by natural wine pioneers like Binner, Schueller, Meyer and Ostertag—Alsace is pretty much the most exciting region in all of France. In truth, this evolution has been underway for quite sometime (Japan and France are all over it) but American importers and cavistes have just now begun to catch on. And we can’t get enough.

Lucas Rieffel hails from Mittelbergheim, where he is surrounded by an energetic cadre of forward-thinking producers. With holdings in some of the best vineyards in the region, he produces a stunning range of wines, all fermented with native yeast and with little or zero added sulfur. Here is an in depth piece on Lucas.

The wines exhibit what makes Alsace so special: dizzying aromatics, lush fruit, and beautiful texture.

On Saturday, we host Brett Pallsen from The Soil Expedition, a fledgling importer that can’t seem to make a false step. I can’t help but correlate Brett’s open and generous personality with the way these wines seem to immediately embrace the drinker: soulful, joyful and energetic all at the same time.

Cremant d’Alsace Brut 2015 $25
Pinot Blanc “Gebreit” 2015 $26
Riesling Grand Cru Zotzenberg 2013 $33
Pinot Noir Nature 2016 $27
Pinot Noir Runz 2016 $39

$10 tasting fee waived with $100 purchase.