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FEB 11th, 1-4pm, $10

I know Brett as the guy that comes into Ordinaire and drinks lots of Champagne, and then drinks lots of other wine, generously pouring out glasses for anyone in his general area. He exudes a sense of community and conviviality wherever he goes. And now he’s turned this sensibility into an import company—HOORAY!—bringing in natural wines from France, Italy and Portugal.

In Brett’s own words: “We believe that ‘quality’ in wine is innately linked to the ‘livingness’ of the soil and environment it’s grown in. That wine is food, nourishing, and should be made and consumed from the soul. Ultimately we seek wines that makes us, and hopefully others, smile and these are the wines we support and share.”

We are really excited to introduce you to Brett and his new discoveries. These are well-priced, honest wines that should be on every dinner table in Oakland.