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Saturday, January 27th, 1-4pm
$10 (waived with $100 purchase)

The 3.5 hectare estate of Iole Rabasco is located in the village of Pianella, province of Pescara, in the heart of Abruzzo. The area offers a unique set of meso and micro climates particular to this north-central corner of Abruzzo; the Adriatic is some 40 kilometers away while the base of Gran Sasso flanks the western edge of the Rabasco property. Iole benefits from inheriting her family’s small vineyard and olive grove, both of which have never been treated with chemicals.

The vines across the property, almost all Montepulciano with a couple rows of Trebbiano, are also quite old, 40 years average, and rest at some 450 meters above sea level. Soils are calcareous clay mixed with alluvial sediment and fossil remains. Vines are trained in the traditional tendone style pergola, all worked by hand. Yields are kept low but not excessively low as Iole prefers her wines with more acidity and freshness than power and extract.

Cancelli Bianco $33
Cancelli means gate, and you literally just walk out the front gate of Iole’s house and you are in this vineyard. Bright, fresh-squeezed Trebbiano.

La Salita Bianco $36
Trebbiano from her prized vineyard sight, a steep incline exposed to salty gusts off the Adriatic. Aged in concrete. Powerful and savory.

Damigiana Trebbiano $42
Damigiana is the highest parcel in the Salita vineyard, where Iole’s oldest vines grow. This is macerated for four days, then aged in glass demijohns.

Damigiana Cerasuolo $42
Same story as above. A classic blend of Montepulciano and Trebbiano. Aged in glass demijohns.

Cancelli Rosso $33
Lightly extracted Montepulciano, highlighting that tart spicy quality that makes the grape so damn alluring.

Damigiana Rosso $42
A more serious Montepulciano, from old, naturally low-yielding vines. Aged in glass demijohns.